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So you have a business idea but you have no idea what steps to take? Or you're straight out of the university and still do not know what career path to follow? Well that's why I am here. My 1:1 coaching session is designed to give you clarity, help you understand marketing and branding in the simplest ways possible! So what exactly do my coaching sessions entail? Knowing your purpose Knowing how to build a credible brand Knowing your elevator pitch Content creation and strategy Book me by sending an email to


So let's just say I have discovered my purpose and I will love to share my story with your audience. I enjoy motivating people of all ages, from different parts of the world. I also teach organisations how to use social media the right way. Let's talk about Business, success on your own terms and at your own pace, finding your purpose, starting a business with little to no experience, Leaving your comfort zone to step into your calling. If you need a speaker, trainer or workshop hosts...fill in the form below or send an email to


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