2019 Goal Setting Work Book

50 things you should do and know before starting a business

Everyone needs guidance before starting a business. This is why i have taken time out to write out the important things to do and know before starting a business. I have written this book the way i would write to my best friend in hopes that its simplicity will help in sending the main message to all readers. I hope that you learn a thing or two and that you use this as a checklist even when you consider expansion in business. Of course the list of things you need to do are not limited to 50, but 50 is a pretty good start.

2017 Goal Setting Workbook

This one is huge i promise and worth it! Most people started 2016 with a “to do list” and some were unable to complete everything on that list probably because they didn’t start on time or somehow fell off the wagon. Going into 2017, we need to ensure that we are better planners and more strategic with our goals. This is why i have spent so much time creating this workbook, let’s say its your accountability partner. With this book you’ll be able to reflect on the year 2016, write your goals for 2017 and be guided in just how you can achieve these goals.

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